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  • Bobby Bola

Decentralized Governance Means a Better Web3: Why I’m Joining StableLab

I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining StableLab as a Governance Analyst on their mission to become a leader in governance for Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). I am excited to join Doo, Gustav and Victoria to utilize a more scientific approach to tackle issues and develop a formal framework for governance.

StableLab has developed a reputable reputation within a year and worked on governance for significant projects like MakerDAO, Klaytn and InstaDapp. Alongside Stéphane, we at StableLab will create the needed guidelines, backed by research, to help encourage DAOs to be more effective and efficient within their organization. I am keen to use my skills and experience as a medical student to bring a different perspective to StableLab while utilizing my scientific background to obtain a rather analytic approach to governance.

I’m joining StableLab because I believe that DAOs will play a vital role in the future of web3, and StableLab represents the thought leaders of governance. A major issue is that individual DAOs are working individually on the efficiency of their own governance, which each is progressively figuring out. This is where StableLab’s Governance lab will provide guidance by creating a coherent framework for DAOs that can serve as a foundation.

This is a defining time for DAOs. With a rising trend, DAOs must be cultivated safely and sustainably. We must encourage a high contribution by providing the necessary information to facilitate these advancements. Decentralized governance is a new concept, and the sooner we highlight inefficiencies within governance, the sooner we can help advance DAOs.

Due to the innovation within the web3 space, it is simple for anyone to create a DAO, but creating a successful one is another story. I am looking forward to analyzing what makes a strong foundation for a DAO and how to help them function in the most effective way possible.

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  • If you would like to support us in our governance efforts,

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Building Decentralized Governance?

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