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Why I joined StableLab - Kenechukwu Eze

Updated: Jun 6

Kenechukwu Eze - Governance Analyst
Kenechukwu Eze - Governance Analyst

I have been working in the crypto ecosystem since 2020. Among the many possible verticals I could pursue, I realized that governance played a key role in every DAOs operation, so I decided to pursue governance verticals. I learnt that the key to a protocol’s growth might be unlocked by pursuing value in another protocol, so I assisted various DAOs in their meta-governance pursuit.

When I saw the StableLab Governance Analyst advertisement, I realized StableLab would be the best place to scale my understanding of governance while gaining valuable experience. This is why I am proud to announce that I will join StableLab as a Governance Analyst.

I am looking forward to creating a net positive for the protocols that we support and the ecosystem at large.

Get in touch,
  • If you would like to support us in our governance efforts,

  • If you and your team need guidance on governance related matters, or

  • If you are a founder who is building something interesting in web3

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