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We help DAOs scale sustainably

StableLab is a professional firm specializing in services and products for DAOs. With a focus on professional delegation, governance framework design, and product development, we are at the forefront of the industry, working alongside promising and emerging projects as well as major DeFi protocols.

Driven by our unwavering passion for decentralization, our team is dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals to embrace the immense potential of decentralized systems. Our systematic approach covers governance methodologies, decentralized workforce implementation, documentation, communication, and community engagement.

CEO / Co-Founder
Gustav Arentoft
COO / Co-Founder
Doo Wan Nam
Dulguun B
Head of Product
Marcos Miranda
Governance Lead
Raphael S.
Governance Analyst
Nneoma Kanu
Governance Analyst
Kenechukwu Eze
Governance Analyst
Matt Stein
Lead Designer
Raydi Cham
Head of Marketing
Juan Esquivel
Data Lead
Guangye Cao

Meet the Team


Building Decentralized Governance?

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