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StableLab is pioneering Governance to advance the Standards of Decentralization and Transparency for the sustainable growth of web3.

Top Professional Delegate

By Voting Power

Policy & Conduct

Ethics & Values


Act unbiased, transparent, according to our code of conduct

Quality assurance

Use evidence, research and similar cases as a guideline for our contribution


Support only proposals that are beneficial to the protocol and aligned with our values and policies


Interact with DAO’s in a professional manner and disclose any potential conflict of interest



Act in a productive, informative, and understanding manner

Quality assurance

Use internal reviews to ensure consistent work quality


Back proposals with research and previous expertise insights


Always attend & share feedback in relevant working groups & community calls


Lean governance

Promote lean governance frameworks by reducing operational overhead


Focus on implementation of delegation frameworks and decentralized workforce


Start from gradual to full decentralization as an end goal


Encourage DAO and governance innovation to push the space forward


Building Decentralized Governance?

Element Finance before StableLab

Before StableLab started contributing to Element Finance, the DAO lacked the operational structure needed for the DAO to function properly. Additionally, Element DAO also lacked a practical contributor framework; through our work, we were able to address the operational and governance issues that were vital to delivering the current decentralized day-to-day operations of the Element Finance DAO. Swipe for more information.


How did our work help the Element Finance DAO?

After creating the Governance Steering Council (GSC), our work ensured that a certain level of cadence was followed within governance processes to ensure governance participation. We also attached responsibilities to the GSC role, and along with these responsibilities, we introduced compensation for GSC.

Additionally, after formalizing Element DAO’s workstreams and dividing these groups into pods leveraging the Metropolis (formally “Orca Pods”) coordination tool, our work turned a team of two individuals into a functional team of 12 individuals working in various working groups. By helping to evaluate and organize contributors, we have contributed to boosting Element DAOs role in supporting the Element Finance Protocol’s day-to-day operations.


How did we help Element Finance?

StableLab has played a crucial role in designing the governance and coordination layer at Element Finance. The Element Finance Protocol offered a successful fixed-income yield product; however, the team wanted to decentralize and incentivize skilled contributors; this is where StableLab came in.


Utilizing the governance processes designed by the Element team, StableLab sets a standard for quality proposals; only well-thought-out proposals that benefit the Element Finance protocol can make it through the governance pipeline.


The StableLab team also designed a contributor program by breaking down contributor teams into Pods; by leveraging the Metropolis (formally “Orca Pods”) coordination tool, StableLab was able to help organise effectively, rewarding and holding contributors accountable.


Why did we help Element Finance?

At StableLab, we are dedicated to improving the quality of Governance across the ecosystem; we do this at Multiple DAOs where we operate as delegates or hold leadership positions.

At Element Finance, we started our journey as the Operations Lead, and in recognition of our efforts, we received enough ELFI delegation to become a member of the Governance Steering Council (GSC); through our positions as Operations Lead and Member of the GSC, we have created and continue to create value for the Element Finance Protocol as part of our duty to the DAO and our broader contribution of net positive impact to the ecosystem.


Building with Element DAO

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