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  • Raphael Spannocchi

Why I Joined StableLab - Raphael

I first met Doo on a Maker Governance & Risk call. His calm demeanor and penchant to cut to the chase impressed me, even when his microphone setup sometimes made him hard to understand (could be a power move, idk).

Many calls, forum discussions, and Discord messages later he approached me to join him as a member of the Growth AVC - a Maker Voter Committee that prioritized smart spending for rapid growth.

At the time I was still part of the Flipside governance team, which had just recently stepped down as Maker delegates.

Fortunately, I accepted the opportunity and together we soldiered through one quarter - 12 calls - where we did all of the talking and no one ever replied (at least not vocally). The delegates had chosen to remain anonymous and refrained from hopping on the mic, as it was too easy for them to be identified that way.

This experience left me with two lasting impressions:

  1. I can count on this man, even when the going gets tough

  2. I really, really love Governance

The stars aligned nicely at EthCC Paris. Doo and I made plans to finally meet in person after all these years. We chose a great restaurant - complete with a chef who had garnered some Michelin stars at a prior location - as our rendezvous point.

Doo brought most of the StableLab team and we had a blast; hungry, young, eloquent, witty people. Taking a page out of some (likely Korean) spy movie, he made me an offer to join him after a few drinks. The timing was impeccable. Flipside was winding down governance operations and I wanted to stay in governance.

StableLab stands above all others as the top dog in professional governance services. Joining as the Governance Lead, I will have a chance to impact the direction of the company and rekindle my love for deep research. Maybe even tinker with some LLM tools. And help an already strong team grow stronger.

Back home, I resumed my old routine. But I kept thinking about that evening and Doo’s offer. My urge to join and accept this new challenge kept growing. Ideas like a DAO governance library, LLM-powered semantic search modules for DAOmeter, and research articles bringing social choice theory to the practitioners in the space wanted to get acted upon.

I reached out to Doo and Gustav and we quickly hit it off. Contracts were signed, details agreed upon, and dates fixed. I couldn’t be more excited to join at this time. It’s a bear market! Teams focus on what matters; governance becomes leaner, and bystanders drop out. This is the time when the proverbial tough gets going. This is StableLab’s time.


Building Decentralized Governance?

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